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NorthEndSwing offers lessons for you, so get your feet moving and quit dancing around the issue!


Learn the history of NorthEndSwing, how it started and who were the collective geniuses behind the Flathead Valley's new dance craze!




We are a fun loving group of enthusiastic dancers who dance to vintage “swing era” music (mainly 20′s – 40′s). We at North End Swing value quality over quantity when it comes to technique and we always have a wonderful time, come join us!


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Check our Calendar page for the nights we dance. Our hosted dances feature a basic East Coast Swing lesson (included with cost of admission) to kick off the night and is the perfect opportunity to learn in a low pressure, lighthearted atmosphere. Make sure to get there on time!


Private lessons available for up to 2 people for $40 per hour.  What do YOU want to learn from us?  It’s your private lesson, so it’s your call.  Do you feel like really getting to the nitty gritty? Analyzing and refining your technique one on one?  How about learning new moves?  A refresher on the Shim-Sham?  Let us know by using our Contact Form.

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